Dr Andrew Sneddon

Contact Details
Location: School of Social Science, The University of Queensland
Phone: +61 7 3365 3309
Fax: +61 7 3365 1544
Email: a.sneddon@uq.edu.au

Commercial Heritage and Archaeological Experience

Heritage Assessments, Advice and Management Plans

  • Tablelands Regional Council Local Heritage Register—Client: Tablelands Regional Council.
  • Garden Island, Sydney Heritage Management Plan—Client: Department of Defence.
  • Castle Hill Conservation Management Plan (with AHMS)—Client: Baulkham Hills Shire Council.
  • Sydney Cricket Ground New Grandstand, Heritage Impact Statement—Client: Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust.
  • Old Parliament House, Canberra, Heritage Management Plan—Client: Old Parliament House.
  • Australia Square, Sydney, Heritage Advice—Client: Jones Lang LaSalle.
  • Royal North Shore Hospital Heritage Impact Statement—Client: Burns Bridge Pty Ltd for RNSH.
  • Heritage Assessment and Advice for a number of CSIRO sites in Southeast Queensland and Far North Queensland—Client: CSIRO.
  • Duntroon House Gardens Heritage Management Plan—Client: Commonwealth Department of Defence.
  • Victoria Barracks, Brisbane, Heritage Management Plan—Client: Commonwealth Department of Defence.
  • RAAF Base Richmond Heritage Management Plan—Client: Commonwealth Department of Defence.

Archaeological Assessments, Management Plans and Research Designs

  • RNA Showgrounds (Industrial Pavilion), Brisbane, Archaeological Assessment and Advice—Client: Tanner Architects.
  • Hyde Park, Sydney Archaeological Study—Client: Environmental Partnerships (for Sydney City Council).
  • Sydney Opera House, Archaeological Assessment and Advice—Client: Sydney Opera House Trust.
  • Prince Henry Site, Little Bay, Research Designs and Heritage Impact Statements and Assessments (various) and provision of Heritage Advice—Client: Landcom.
  • Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Conservation Management Plan and Archaeological Assessment—Client: Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.
  • Casselden Place Urban Workshop, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (construction of a 39 level A-Grade office tower in Melbourne's CBD), preparation of Archaeological Excavation Research Archive Report—Client: ISPT Pty Ltd.
  • Glebe Harbour Development (a major inner-city residential development on Glebe Harbour, Sydney), provision of heritage advice and preparation of Excavation Report and management plans for Walter Burley Griffin Incinerator Building, Glebe—Client: Australand.    
  • Lee Wharf Park, Newcastle, Heritage Impact Statement and Excavation Report—Client: Lee Wharf Developments Pty Ltd.
  • Fusion Development, Mountain Street, Ultimo (a major inner-city residential development in Sydney), preparation of an Excavation Report and supply of heritage advice—Client: Multiplex.

Aboriginal Archaeology and Anthropology

  • Assistant to the court expert (Professor David Trigger) in four native title claims before the Australian Federal Court.
  • Co-author of Application Report for Gaangalu native title claim.
  • Project manager and specialist—numerous native title claims (WA and Queensland). 
  • Principal author of report entitled ‘Registering Sites of Significance According to Aboriginal Tradition – Guidelines for Cultural Heritage Assessors and Managers’, for the South Australian Department of Premier and Cabinet.
  • Author, ‘Yirendali Core Country Native Title Claim Connection Report’.
  • Co-author, ‘The Northern Kamilaroi – Preliminary Report’, concerning a potential native title claim (for QSNTS).
  • Co-author of 14 case studies (with traditional owner groups) illustrating ‘best practice’ heritage management in relation to places and issues across Australia, for the former Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Community.
  • Co-author, ‘Bunya Mountains, Queensland - Identification, Assessment and Management of Indigenous Cultural Heritage Values’.
  • Co-author, ‘Collecting Aboriginal Archaeological Material – A Model for Assessing Significance’, report prepared for the Australian Museum.
  • Author, ‘Doomadgee Cultural Heritage Survey – Gangalidda and Waanyi Peoples’, identifying places of cultural significance that might be impacted by proposed development, and preparing recommended actions in mitigation in consultation with traditional owners.
  • Aboriginal Archaeological Surveys and Assessments (various, over the last ten years) — Numerous clients including: Rio Tinto; Santos; Shell; Ivanhoe Australia Ltd; Powerlink; Arrow Energy; Murray Catchment Management Authority.
  • Co-author of a GIS-based predictive model for Aboriginal cultural heritage sites in the Pilbara, Western Australia, for Rio Tinto.

Heritage Inputs – Miscellaneous

  • Luna Park, Sydney.
  • Taronga Zoo, Sydney.
  • Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.
  • The Rocks, Sydney (Cumberland and Gloucester Street YHA Re-development).
  • National Pass Walking Track, Blue Mountains, NSW.
  • Sydney Harbour Heritage and Conservation Register for NSW Maritime.
  • The Sydney Mint, Macquarie Street, Sydney.
  • National Heritage Places Toolkit for the former Department of Environment and Heritage.
  • Defence Heritage Toolkit for the Department of Defence.

Representative Archaeological Excavations (Australia)

  • Brisbane Town Hall, Brisbane (Stage 2)—Excavation Director—Client: Tanner-GHD.
  • Old Government House Parramatta (Governor Phillip’s House)—Co-Excavation Director—Client: National Trust (NSW).
  • Former Carlton & United Brewery, Melbourne—Excavation Director—Client: Grocon Pty Ltd.
  • Sydney Opera House—Excavation Director—Client: Sydney Opera House Trust.
  • Prince Henry Site, Little Bay—Excavation Director and Planner—Client: Landcom.
  • Fitzroy Brickworks, Mittagong—Site Planner—Client: Woolworths.
  • Lee Wharf Precinct, Newcastle—Excavation Director—Client: Lee Wharf Developments Pty Ltd/Caverstock Group.
  • Former Glebe Incinerator Site, Glebe—Excavation Director and Planner—Client: Australand Holdings Ltd.
  • Mountain Street Excavations, Ultimo—Trench Supervisor and Excavation Director—Client: Multiplex (Mountain Street) Pty Ltd.
  • Casselden Place, Melbourne—Archaeological Records Officer, Site Planner and Surveyor—Client: Industry Superannuation Property Trust Pty Ltd.

Archaeological Excavations (International)

  • Alampra, Cyprus—The University of Queensland—Director.
  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia—University of Sydney (Greater Angkor Project)—Trench Supervisor.
  • Tash-K’irman Oasis, Uzbekistan—University of Sydney—Site Supervisor.
  • Marki Davari, Cyprus (Fieldwork for Doctoral Research)—Project Coordinator/Site Director.
  • Marki Alonia, Cyprus—La Trobe University, Melbourne—Trench Supervisor.
  • Domuztepe, Turkey—Manchester University and UCLA—Trench Supervisor.
  • Marki Alonia, Cyprus—La Trobe University, Melbourne—Trench Supervisor.
  • Jerablus, Syria—University of Edinburgh—Trench Supervisor.
  • Marki Alonia, Cyprus—La Trobe University, Melbourne—Trench Supervisor.
  • Jerablus, Syria—the University of Edinburgh—Trench Supervisor.
  • I Fani, Italy—the University of Sydney—Trench Supervisor.
  • I Fani, Italy—the University of Sydney—Excavator.
  • Torone, Greece—the University of Sydney —Excavator.

Research Interests

  • Heritage law
  • Australian cultural heritage management 
  • The archaeology of Prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus

Representative Publications

  • Sneddon, A., 2014, "Cultural Heritage Management and Poverty," Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, pp 1895-1898, www.springerreference.com
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