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Our People

Dr Richard Martin
Dr Richard Martin
Director, Anthropologist and Native Title Specialist

Richard is an anthropologist who has worked in the Gulf Country (among other places) since 2007 as a native title researcher and cultural heritage specialist. He has conducted anthropological fieldwork, interviews and genealogical research as part of native title claims, including work on the resolution of complex boundary dispute issues in highly politicised environments. His work has also included cultural heritage surveys in remote and difficult terrain, including the identification and assessment of places of cultural and spiritual significance to traditional owners. He has also conducted anthropological research in connection with a variety of natural resource management programs. His post-PhD fieldwork has focused on the meaning and significance of water in the Gulf Country, as well as Aboriginal perceptions of native and introduced species.

Dr Ben Hall
Anthropological Consultant

Ben is an applied anthropologist and user experience researcher. His work in user experience research involved designing and building interactive mapping experiences for state (Queensland Globe) and local governments, utilities and numerous authorities. Before moving to Brisbane, Ben was an applied anthropologist in the Northern Territory. He has published on the social formation of wonder and his PhD research was on Christian politics in Isabel, Solomon Islands. Ben's association with the island of Isabel, and Solomon Islands more broadly, came through the friends he made working for the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency in Honiara.

Dr Jon Prangnell
Dr Jon Prangnell
Senior Archaeologist

Jon is a specialist in the field of historic (non-Aboriginal) archaeology. In addition to his academic work, Jon has provided archaeological services at some of Queensland’s most iconic heritage places, including the Wickham Terrace windmill, Boggo Road Gaol, the Commissariat Building, and Lang Park (the former North Brisbane Burial Grounds). Jon authored the ‘Brisbane City Council CBD Archaeological Plan’ and provided heritage advice in relation to the Brisbane Cross-River Rail project, the Northern Link project, the Mackay Planning Scheme, the Intergen Millmerran power project and the Brisbane to Cairns Fibre Optic Network. He has provided advice with respect to Aboriginal cultural heritage on a number of major projects including the Centenary Highway Upgrade and Traveston Dam.

Dr Glenys McGowan
Dr Kelsey Lowe
Research Fellow and Archaeological Heritage Consultant

Kelsey has over 18 years' experience in field and laboratory-based archaeology, and specialises in archaeological geophysics, geoarchaeology, remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). She has engaged in many community-based projects in Australia and the United States (US), including public outreach forums and collaborations with local organisations, councils, Indigenous communities and universities. Kelsey has significant relevant industry experience as a consultant in cultural heritage management in both Australia and the US. She has managed large heritage projects for both federal and state agencies. Her knowledge in landscape archaeology and geophysics makes her highly desirable on many heritage projects. Kelsey is an expert archaeological geophysicist and geoarchaeologist in Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia, and has worked internationally on archaeological sites in the Caribbean, Europe, Indonesia, Myanmar, and North and South America.

 Dr Hilda Maclean
Dr Hilda Maclean

Consultant Historian and Genealogist


Hilda is a professional genealogist, accredited historian and archival researcher. She has over twenty years’ experience researching north and central Queensland family and pastoral histories.  Since 2012, Hilda has been engaged by UQCHU to conduct genealogical and historical research in relation to three Native Title claims, as well as concerning Indigenous/Chinese families in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Hilda regularly presents workshops on genealogical and archival research methodology and has presented at international conferences on allied topics. She also acts as a research consultant for documentary television production companies. 

The University of Queensland, School of Social Science

The UQ Culture & Heritage Unit is a commercial entity within the School of Social Science, The University of Queensland. In carrying out our commercial work, we are able to draw on the skills and experience of a range of anthropologists and archaeologists who are also academic members of staff at the university. As a result, the breadth and depth of our skill-set is second to none. The UQ personnel that commonly assist us with our commercial work include:
  • Professor Chris Clarkson – Archaeologist and lithic analysis.
  • Dr Alison Crowther Archaeologist, residue and use wear, starch and phytoliths.
  • Dr Kim de Rijke Anthropologist, native title specialist, and social significance specialist.
  • Associate Professor Andy Fairbairn – Archaeologist and archaeo-botanist.General environmental archaeology logistics.
  • Professor Ian Lilley Archaeologist and World Heritage specialist.
  • Dr Tiina Manne Archaeologist and zooarchaeologist.
  • Professor David Trigger Anthropologist and native title specialist.
  • Professor Marshall Weisler Fish bone analysis.




The UQ Culture & Heritage Unit also draws on the skills of other disciplines in the University including geography, geology, palaeontology and earth science. Other UQ personnel that assist us include:

  • Associate Professor Patrick Moss – Palynology, charcoal analysis (quantitative) and vegetation survey.
  • Dr Gilbert Price – Identification of non-human skeletal/dental remains, basic sedimentology, dating.
  • Dr Kevin Welsh – Paleoenvironmental reconstruction, geochemistry and sedimentology.

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