Laboratory and Technical Services

The UQCHU offers a complete technical service for research and consulting archaeologists and has access to the UQ Archaeological Science Laboratories. UQCHU’s personnel draw on their extensive experience in consulting and research archaeology in Australasia, the Pacific, South and Southwest Asia, Africa and Europe, to provide clients with effective integrated scientific outcomes, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our specialist archaeological services include:

  • Artefact analysis
    • Lithic analysis
    • Historical artefact analysis
    • Textiles analysis
    • Residue and use-wear analysis
  • Artefact imaging
    We prepare technical images to client specification including 3D artefact scans, high-magnification light images, and scanning electron micrographs.
  • Geophysical and GIS spatial analysis
    Our dedicated archaeological geophysical services include:
    • Magnetic gradiometry
    • Resistivity
    • Ground-penetrating radar
    • Electromagnetic induction (EMI)
    • Magnetic susceptibility
  • Environmental archaeology
    Our well equipped archaeo-botany laboratory provides analysis of wood charcoals, seeds, pollen and phytoliths, including integrated multi-disciplinary packages, to allow investigation of ancient plant use and past environments.
  • Bones and Shells
    Specialist knowledge and outstanding comparative collections underpin our services. We specialise in the analysis of shell middens, cave faunas, and human and animal skeletal remains to provide economic and environmental data.