Historical (Non-Indigenous) Archaeology

UQCHU has over 15 years experience in commercial non-Indigenous archaeology. Our projects have included some of Australia’s most significant heritage places including the Royal Exhibition Building (Melbourne) and Old Government House (Parramatta), both on the World Heritage List. Our recent work has included archaeological excavations at Brisbane Town Hall (Stage 2), the Commissariat Building, Brisbane, and the convict-era Wickham Terrace Windmill, Brisbane. We have specialist skills in mortuary archaeology.

The archaeological services that our team provides include:

  • Due diligence studies
  • Pre-excavation historical research
  • Archaeological survey.
  • Geophysical survey (ground-penetrating radar, magnetic gradiometer, electro-magnetic induction)
  • Monitoring
  • Excavation
  • Post-excavation reporting including artefact analysis